Jevgenia Vilk is a pianist from Estonia, who is currently living and working in the Ulm area in Germany.

She made her Bachelor’s degree in Piano Performance and Pedagogy at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. She then continued her education at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre and during this time additionally studied abroad at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. There she was lessoned as a concert pianist by professor Jonathan Plowright and Scot Mitchell.

After graduation with her first Masters’ degree as a concert pianist from the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, Jevgenia was invited to Scotland to specialize herself at the Royal Conservatoire Scotland as accompanist and repetiteur. She obtained a stipend and studied under the tutelage of the professor Scott Mitchell (accompanist) and professor Paul Plummer (repetiteur).

After graduation from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and her second Masters’ degree Jevgenia was offered to work as an accompanist for Music department of Edinburg Napier University.

Jevgenia is a pianist who takes great pleasure from accompaniment work as well as teaching children and adults.

Throughout her studies on the Master of Music - Accompaniment course, she has participated in numerous competitions for singers and instrumentalists. During her she has also received the accompanist prize in Frank Spedding Lieder competition 2 times, won ther first prize in Norma Greig French Song Competition and a Ramsay Calder Debussy prize. Jevgenia accompanied Bachelors of Music, Master of Music and Bachelor of Education entrance exams, accompanied end of the year recitals in two universities, accompanied choirs in preparation for different performances and on concerts, accompanied various instrumental showcases, participated in collaborative projects with ballet dancers, worked in musical theatre productions and performed in improvisation concerts as a soloist and a chamber musician.

In addition, Jevgenia is also a skilled piano and improvisation teacher. She developed an author methodology on teaching piano using improvisation as an active development tool. This method helps any piano student to become an artist, gain and fall in love with beautiful sounds of music, find and notice musical sounds everywhere around us, combine those sounds into music pieces and enjoy the results. Improvisation helps children to boost self-confidence and adults to express their moods and emotions.

In the future, Jevgenia wants to open up an art-school for children of different level of abilities, which will combine improvisation and learning through different art forms, where children can express themselves individually and in groups. Only through integration of different art forms (acting, music, art) can we form an harmonically developed artistic individual who can face most of the everyday-life challenges.